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For us, rehabilitation means the comprehensive and individual treatment after operations of the musculoskeletal system for the conservative after-treatment of (sports) injuries and chronic irritations of the body.

The first phase of treatment mainly comprises decongestant, pain-relieving and mobilising measures that improve and accelerate the healing process.

The second phase provides for physiotherapeutic exercise treatment and medical training therapy. Depending on the course of your recovery, you will gradually enter into more active therapy and thus you will come closer to your goals step by step.

Pain-free movement, a healthy basic posture and coping with everyday demands on the musculoskeletal system is the aim of active therapy.

For this purpose, medical power equipment is used to restore the physiological muscle balance. The training is supplemented by a stabilising, mobilising physiotherapeutic exercise programme that is individually tailored to your needs.

Functional exercises with your own body weight, stretching and mobility training play just as important a role as balance exercises on unstable surfaces. The use of various functional training tools completes the training so that the highest possible level of movement control, target motor function and selective movement is possible.

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