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Our physiotherapy aims to restore the natural functions of the locomotor system through manual therapy. The basis of manual therapy is special hand movements and mobilisation techniques which alleviate pain and eliminate movement disorders.

The first appointment is intended to assess your condition and to develop a treatment strategy so that you will be healthy, pain-free and mobile as soon as possible.

Treatment methods:

  • Classical physiotherapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Massages, Taping
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Heat (fango) and cold therapy
  • Fascia therapy
  • Osteopathic techniques
  • TMJ treatment

ASPHYSIO is a contact point for professional and hobby athletes. You benefit from our many years of physiotherapeutic experience in competitive and popular sports, from our high standards and networks.


  • Classical taping, kinesiotaping
  • Regenerative measures
  • Medical training therapy and rehabilitation training
  • Physiotherapeutical support up to the re-entry into the sport

Treatments of the temporomandibular joint are used for craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD). This is a disorder of the masticatory apparatus, which is often accompanied by jaw malpositions.

Pain can occur in the jaw area. However, since humans react to malpositions in a complex way, the causes and consequences of such a malposition can be found throughout the whole body. For example, it is possible that a malocclusion and the resulting over-tension of the chewing muscles and the muscles surrounding the cervical spine can cause functional problems in the spine, the pelvis and even the feet.

Typical symptoms are:

  • Unilateral and bilateral headache or chewing pain
  • Neck and shoulder tensions
  • Teeth grinding and cracking in the temporomandibular joint
  • Tinnitus – dizziness – reduced mouth opening
  • We work holistically. This means that we not only alleviate your symptoms, but also work out a behaviour and exercise programme that minimises the cause of your symptoms.

Before rehabilitation, the most important thing is a visit to your dentist, who will check the occlusion and possible causes, e.g. due to tooth misalignment.

We will gladly recommend a suitable doctor for your symptoms.

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