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  • Strength training
  • Functional training
  • Personal Training
  • Athletic training
  • Medical rehabilitation and health training

On the one hand, for us, training means isolated strength training on medical strength training equipment with the aim of restoring the physiological strength balance of a healthy body. Especially after operations and injuries, it is very important to rebuild a strong muscle mantle around the affected joint in order to protect its inner life from overloading, injury and abrasion in the long term. If a high isolated strength capacity of the affected joints can be achieved, the training becomes more and more functional and is based on everyday and sport-specific movement patterns. The aim is to achieve the best possible quality of movement in complex movements, in which the body as a whole is challenged and must act as a functional unit.

Functional training focuses on the target functions, the optimal basic posture and the best possible movement patterns. We focuse, in particular, on the CORE area, our centre where every movement starts.

In an in-depth initial consultation and with the help of our screening process, we analyse your current condition and plan your training cycle. Based on these results, the subsequent training is tailored according to your realistic goals and physical possibilities. As physiotherapists, we can include your weak points directly in the training programme and use exercises to alleviate any problems you may have. Whether you would like to lose a few pounds or increase your physical condition in general or after an injury, operation or pregnancy: with our specially designed training, you are always right with us.

AS PHYSIO Performance Training includes all basic sporting skills. Including stability, endurance, strength, coordination, elasticity and mobility and is suitable for sports enthusiasts with clear goals and who want to improve continuously. In athletics training, our professional trainers will take you to the next level in terms of bounce, coordination and comprehensive strength training.
AS PHYSIO health training serves to keep the musculoskeletal system healthy, to improve your movement competence and to increase your conditional abilities. Our offer is aimed specifically at best agers and older customers who value high quality care and individual consultation with the highest benefit.

The build-up of strength and mobility gives you new vitality and joy of movement and helps you to fully exploit your physical potential again.

We are your partner for recovery and improvement as well as for the preservation of your health.

young • flexible • vital

You’re as old as your connective tissue!

Every muscle is surrounded by connective tissue (fascia). They give us stability, they straighten us up and give us our very own, individual appearance. The fasciae ensure that our muscles glide against each other during movement and thus guarantee a smooth metabolism within the muscles. In that way, they create movement in all its variety and beauty and enable your individual charisma and personal appearance.

In various traction paths, the fasciae run through the entire body and bring it into a harmonious pattern of tension, so that, in the best case, we can move easily and gracefully within the force of gravity.

Due to a lack of movement, acute and chronic stress to which we are all exposed, one-sided strain (desk work), overload (sports) or after injuries and operations, the fasciae can become matted and sticky. This affects the mobility of the body. Our well-being is depressed, we are stiff and immobile, energy reserves are quickly exhausted and the ability to regenerate is significantly reduced.

ASPHYSIO fascial training / regeneration training helps you to achieve new mobility, vitality, elasticity and dynamics. You will learn exercises that are a useful addition to your conventional training or that can be completed as an extra unit.

You train with your own body with the help of a foam roll.


  • Body forming
  • Body awareness training
  • Connective tissue training for problem zones
  • Enhancement of the ability to relax
  • Helps to keep the body supple
  • Effective self-help for physical complaints
  • Prevention – reduced susceptibility to injury
  • Rehabilitation – helps to recover faster after injuries
  • Better and faster regeneration
  • Vital, young, dynamic and fit in everyday life and sports
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